Yes Kyle: A copy and paste to a link he already posted of allegations does not answer his own allegations of atrocities being committed today. As I told Bluezone, he will reply but not answer.

In what appears to be a frantic Google search to back up his allegations of atrocities today he links a multitude of url's which either he did not read or did not comprehend.
I agree, there are hate crimes and race based crimes, but the link article mentions African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians but does not mention Indians or tribes. It is questionable whether he even read the article or just not comprehend it?
This is about a war in Guatemala primarily during the 1980's suppressing a rebellion and the US support through equipment and finances. I think it is very probable that the Guatemalan military killed over the 200,000 and most of them were Indians because it was an Indian uprising trying to overthrow the government. Maybe Timbo thought the government should just surrender.
This is an article written by Nelle Dovlle who read and was heavily influenced by the book Dee Brown's Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee. Later she read a report that stated fully one third of all Native American women have been or will be raped in their lifetime... by non-Native Americans.

Yes there was a report written solely based on data compiled by the Census bureau. The Census Bureau did not write the report but the data collected was based on people, not on reservations, stating they were Native American and had been raped by a Non-Native. No verifications were made to validate race or if the rapes were even reported.

The link on that link reports crimes committed on reservations and yes, crime on reservations is rampant and on federal reservations such as trust land it is even more so. This report covered North Dakota, they are federal territories and the US Constitution does not apply. Tribes claim the only place they can get funding to hire more police is from the federal government through more handouts. When riding with ABATE we policed our own and did not get paid. Obviously tribal governments do not think that way.

The main point this makes obvious is that it is really stupid to transfer fee land under state and local jurisdiction to federal trust land for tribes. There are atrocities on reservations and many related stories on the CERA web page. But the logical answers to a solution are to make everyone equal under the law, eliminate the territorial status and apply the Constitution.

I will pass on the rest as well being that Timbo probably did not read or understand them anyway.