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many have wondered whether Americans would ever resist the increasing encroachments on their freedom. I think they've begun.

That may be true. Under the Bushes, the Clintons, and particularly under Obama, the State has revealed its nature, and maybe there can be an effective pushback.

So you advocate:

Eliminating public education so only the rich can afford private schools.

Eliminating safety regulation and basic worker rights so people can be paid less in times of high unemployment.

Cutting their social safety net, so their kids starve.

Eliminating our civil rights to allow for open discrimination again.

Deregulating all corporations to remove environmental protections and allow predatory and exploitve practices.

Stop maintaining our infrastructure and let it crumble/sell it to private corporations, so that all roads will be toll.

are you talking about on the 'reservation' or off the 'reservation'?

one minute you support the US government and then the next minute you complain about it