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If you can tell me these two things, you may yet convince me you have something worthwhile to contribute to this discussion. I am serious.
It matters not one iota what you think of me.

Your obvious arrogance and sense of self importance is truly a thing to behold. The fact that you are serious, makes it even more astounding.

You're always welcome to take your questions to someone with far less patience for intransigence, than I.
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Atrocities have happened far more recently and other examples of such treatment still exist today.

All the more reason why Native American's are entitled to certain restitutions.

Most people who are on here discussing a serious topic are trying to convince other people that their position is correct. I now doubt if that is what you are doing? You are the most arrogant and aloof person I have ever met on here. I am not sure why you are on here? I think you must just like to display your big vocabulary because it just makes you feel important. I see no other reason for all of your drivel on here.

You make bold statements that atrocities are still being committed against Indians today. And therefore they are entitled to certain restitutions! These are indeed bold statements yet you offer no proof of them. You are indeed quite an amazing guy. What I really think of your stand on the Indian situation is not printable on here.