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There is no statute of limitations for murder.
Killing during war is not considered murder unless it is killing of unarmed civilians. If unarmed civilians are murdered the murderer should be brought to justice. If the murderer himself has been dead for hundreds of years, what do you propose we do about it in the year 2014?

American soldiers murdered unarmed civilians in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They were arrested and tried for their crimes. But the murderers were still alive. What do you do to a murderer who has been dead himself for hundreds of years whether he was a soldier or not?

Oh, let's say we start with what we did in the Philippines and Cuba (for example).

Did you happen to take notice of the fact that we withdrew from Vietnam and Iraq and are (slowly) doing the same in Afghanistan?????? crazy

I've already answered that question.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.