All elected county officials and the state senator and assemblyman from this area agree with me.

Yet they have accomplished NOTHING!!! SCHMUCKmer is full of hot air, and BOZZOllio is getting PAID by both sides of the fence and DOESN'T want the cash cow to end!

Futhermore WHY would we protest in FAVOR of the Natives.... They already HAVE everything.....TAX FREE gambling, TAX FREE gas, TAX FREE food items, TAX FREE restaurant, TAX FREE smoke shops, etc. etc. etc.

You contiunue to bring up *many years ago in a storm* blah blah blah.....yet the most RECENT attempt was attended by 13 whopping people and got DROPPED from the media except for the *Kindergarten* FL Times that has probably less than 100 subscribers!
Spiritual people INSPIRE me
Religious people FRIGHTEN me