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From today's Finger Lakes times. This is what most of the population thinks.

Do you have any evidence to back that up, or is it true because you claim that it is?
There have been many letters to the editors supporting my position over the last few years. I think I saw one letter supporting the Indians a few years ago. All elected county officials and the state senator and assemblyman from this area agree with me. And they are elected by a majority of the people, right? I was one of the 1,000+ people at the Chiropractic college in June a few years ago in a rainy downpour regarding the Indian situation. Also there were most of the big local companies and the local banks. Every speaker but one said the Indians needed to pay all taxes same as everyone else. Senator Gillibrand had a rep there who was booed for her wishy-washy statement. The senator has since come around.

Former Seneca Falls mayor Brad Jones gave bus tours showing how the Indians were making homeowners lose their value by checkerboarding. There was also a video of his tours on FL1. I would like my $500.00 in 20's.

Have you seen any protests supporting the Indians? or even speak out in their support except for you and one other person on here?

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