From today's Finger Lakes times. This is what most of the population thinks. She must of been reading my comments on FL1.


To the Editor:

Hooray for the possibility of a casino opening in Tyre! If the casino takes away just a little of the huge profits that places like Turning Stone and Union Springs are making, I will be very happy. The Cayuga Indian Nation owes Seneca County large amounts of real estate and school taxes, which they do not pay and the rest of us homeowners have to make up somehow.

Unfortunately, the Native American nations have very deep pockets and can afford to hire lobbyists to fight the Tyre casino, which seems to be happening already. Even though I am against smoking, I would not mind seeing the Tyre casino sell cigarettes to pay the sales taxes that the Native Americans nations do not.

Anything that would cut into their millions and millions of profit should be championed by everyone. I know a lot of people are against the casino but look at the bigger picture and the potential for future benefits for Seneca County. Once the casino is built and on the county tax rolls, everyone will benefit. Maybe if the Cayugas really do not want a casino in our area, they might pay their back taxes and continue to pay taxes as the rest of us do. Of course as long as they can get away with not paying, they never will, so any little we can get by having a casino that does pay taxes is a plus for the whole community.


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