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I was making a rhetorical point to draw attention to the ridiculous nature of your earlier comment.
I point out what I think are possible outcomes even if they sound outlandish to you but it really doesn't matter how I ask a question because you have no intention of answering any question, do you?

Wrong. I simply have no intention being manipulated into playing word games that would only serve to promote ideologies that I strongly disagree with.

Got it, now?
Word games. LOL You are master of that. I know what Rich and the UCE want to happen. They state it quite plainly. I have no idea what you want to happen other than you think the Indians will win. When I ask how our lives and the USA will change if they win, you refuse to even express an opinion. Therefore, there is nothing to be gained by trying to chat with you that I can see.

No. I simply understand that words have specific meanings. I choose them carefully as to communicate as accurately and factually as humanly possible.

So, pay attention, now. I'll say this very slowly for you...

Opinions are absolutely, 100%, inarguably, categorically and totally irrelevant to the facts. Opinions mean precisely SQUAT. They are merely social conventions offering nothing more than a possible springboard to ideas. They have no bearing on reality (as it were).

If you seek entertainment, ask for opinions. If desire knowledge, seek out facts.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.