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As I've said repeatedly. It's a complicated issue. But you weren't willing to accept that statement.

And as long as you resist putting words in my mouth and making gratuitous character attacks, I'll continue to respectfully answer any of your question (as is convenient for ME). Got it?
OK but your proposed solutions raise more question that answers. It is complicated only because the Indians refuse to accept reality and drag it through every level of court in America forever.

If that's what it takes to create a just and humane solution, then so be it.

It is complicated because the persecution of the Indian peoples still continues today If you try to rob my property, my family, my culture and my heritage, I will fight you to my last dying breath because without those things, I am nothing. I will not have the terms of my existence dictated to me by anyone and I have no doubt that you would act in precisely the same manner if faced with those choices.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.