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As far as I'm concerned, yes. It is absolutely is.

If the "Federal" government wants to levy taxes against non-Indian corporations, it should be done at the corporate level and not from the Indians. It's simple. The Indians have every right to become as entrepreneurial as they choose, free from any additional annoyances from anyone.

The US government declared them a sovereign nation. So, I ask you... what are those boundaries?
What is? Whatever land they buy is now part of their sovereign nation? I see a lot of loopholes in whatever you are trying to say.

As I've said repeatedly. It's a complicated issue. But you weren't willing to accept that statement.

And as long as you resist putting words in my mouth and making gratuitous character attacks, I'll continue to respectfully answer any of your question (as is convenient for ME). Got it?
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.