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Great, let's hear your theory.
They were bones from earlier peoples overrun by later tribes who were overrun by the later tribes as has happened throughout history. Now a small handful of the latest tribe survivors thinks the USA owes them a tax free living.
Or conversely you could have quickly browsed one of thousands of laymen's science resources (public news outlets for example) and you would have obtained the same knowledge and more, several years ago. grin

In what possible way does any of that have any relevance to current events?
Huh? It has total relevance. It shows that any current Indians got their land be stealing it from earlier tribes. Therefore if want they to live with the current owners, they should be glad we want to accept them as equal citizens and obey all our laws.

It "shows" nothing of the kind. Show me ANY such proof. All you have to go on is vast "speculation". A definition that you seem completely incapable of processing.

You're jumping straight from A directly to Z, with absolutely no idea of what lay between them.

You're engaging in a Rorschach Test of your own design.

Even if your "theory" were 100% accurate, that in no way justifies the genocidal land grab by European settlers and the US Government. By your logic, if China were to successfully invade the continental US and kill or displace 99% of current US inhabitants, then that's just the way the cookie crumbles, and whoever survives should be grateful to eat sh*t. Is that about right? Because that's PRECISELY what you're describing.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.