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Prince Andrew KNEW he couldn't beat them, so instead of wasting YEARS and MILLIONS, he compromised and ended up with a win/win situation for everyone involved!
I think the odds of this being a win/win for all are nonexistent.

With the Liquor License Prince Andrew gave them they now pay tax on ALL food and beverage purchases, and prior to the newer deal with the Onieda's, NYS did not receive a cent of the Oneida's revenue from gambling, cigs, or gas. Now with the deal they are going to give NYS $50 million/year in revenue as well as raise the price of their cigarettes and gasoline to *level the playing field* and not steal business from tax paying businesses . So HOW is that not a win/ win??

So do you want to go back to the old way where NYS doesn't see a CENT and they allow people to bring their own alcohol and drink for free, NYS lose all the revenue from food and beverage purchases, and they continue to sell cheap smokes and gas to steal business away....and as you say "put tax paying businesses out of business"??

Like I have said before ....your "ALL OR NOTHING" attitude DOES NOT WORK!!!! You are still waiting for 1.2 million in property tax from the Cayugas.....How's that working for ya??? How many more MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars are you going to give to Mikey BOZZOllio and his law firm before you realize it will NEVER happen!!! Spend MILLIONS and MILLIONS to try to recoup 1.2 million.....BRILLIANT!
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