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My answers:
About whether people in this country who are not Native Americans should leave.

Here is the one word answer that Timbo said never happened.

Quit lying.

He followed up with paragraphs of additional explanations and alleged justifications, a fact that I've already made perfectly clear on the thread that it actually belongs on.

I think you're starting to channel SportsRef and sands, now.

What an @ss.
Yes Timbo the ONE WORD answer DID happen. My second post explanation touched on what could be the result of such happening. Such hypothesis is not required for a one word answer. So your M.O. of false accusations followed by name calling continue to hold true.

What got Connie concerned was when it was proposed at the court house in Syracuse that agreements could be made to change everyone's deed at the court house and the tribe could then charge us rent instead of paying property taxes. But the State had already passed a law requiring all non tribal residents on reservations to pay property taxes. So a transitional migration resulting in ethnic cleansing would likely transpire. But even though the tribe sued for eviction in their land claim, their need for non tribals to support them, be it through taxes or business support, is evident. They would not want everyone to leave. Hopefully they do not expect Timbo to support them. His location is CNY, which could be anywhere. Typical of his noncommittal answers.

Such an obscuration is evident in the Turning Stone which primarily employs non tribals and whose customers are primarily non tribals and yet they claim tribal sovereign immunity from lawsuit although the only thing tribal about it is the ownership in name.

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My answers:
About whether people in this country who are not Native Americans should leave.


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Here is another Timbo cherry "2) People should also keep in mind that providing single word answers to exceptionally byzantine problems is always easy when you abandon any thoughtful considerations."

Obviously a yes or no answer to all non-NA leaving the country must be an exceptionally byzantine problem. It does have it's qualifiers because that would leave all the NA who are not tribal members at the mercy of the tribes and even a majority of the tribes would have to leave because they do not maintain 50% blood quantum and are more non-NA than A. Although Timbo maintains the Jim Crow law standard of one drop makes them an NA. His argument of the Jim Crow laws not applying because they applied to African Americans is another qualifier to justify his using the same standard.

And there are also issues of those remaining no longer getting government handouts as there would be no taxpayers and not being able to defend the territory they claimed. If China were to invade I doubt there would be any NA tribes left to complain. But at least Timbo's racist comments about the Europeans would be diminished. That is why I said NO without elaborating why. I guess that is too much for Timbo to handle.

the soldiers who fought and gave their lives would need to be 'compensated' along with their families

timbos got a lot of 'volunteering' to do...
Our country is in mourning a soldier died today