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Your knickers may get into a knot to know the Senecas will be acquiring land in Henrietta and building yet ANOTHER casino!!


Senecas ID casino property, Henrietta supervisor says

The Seneca Nation of Indians has identified a parcel of land it plans to purchase with an eye on building a new casino in Henrietta.

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the Onondagas are 2 miles from me and will have to buy 500+ houses before they ever got to mine.

Hopefully they *come knocking* this Spring when we put our house on the market. We are selling the house and moving out of the city.

#1 I HATE the city. I am sick of the senseless violence, rampant crime, and the *entitlement* attitude from the welfare rats.

#2 Now that Lindsay is in College we are downsizing. It's senseless to pay for something we no longer need.

#3 We are selling NOW and renting a place so when my daughter graduates college May 2016 we can immediately move south and not wait for the house to be sold before we can move.

will Henrietta end up like your area?