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Wrong again, Sweetheart.

Franklin Health Assurance Company of Massachusetts, founded in 1850.

the NYS 'tribes' did not have it

Citations? grin

how much did each 'tribal' member pay per month for their premium?

Well I know the Onondaga's and Oneida's have their own health insurance plan for tribal members and employees. The Onondaga's is paid for by the smoke shop, cig factory, and multi-purpose ice/lacrosse venue.
The Oneida's is paid for by Turning Stone, SavOn gas stations, and their other businesses.

Turning Stone Employees get:
A career with the Oneida Indian Nation includes:

Comprehensive health coverage for medical, dental, vision, and prescriptions for both full-time and part-time employees
Life & Disability Insurance
401k Retirement Plan
Paid Time Off
Tuition Reimbursement
Numerous employee perks such as discounted meals at our Employee Cafeteria at Turning Stone, discounted gasoline at our Employee Gas Station, discounted services at the day spa, salon, golf courses, and health and wellness benefits through the Nation's Recreation Center.
Discounts at participating local businesses from car dealers to amusement parks.


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