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how's this make you feel Kyle.....I'll bet your just all warm and fuzzy inside now about ole King Barry............


there wont be any abuses here.....

Keep up the good fight though!
I don't agree with Obama on this point. I think they should pay the same taxes as everyone else but you have argued they shouldn't have to.

I have never argued they shouldn't pay taxes....I've argued that there are enough taxes paid period and that Govt. should learn to live within their means.....but that would be a philosophy that Liberals do not understand.....

Fine. We'll start by using the fiscally responsible policies carried out by conservatives under the Reagan and Bush(s) administrations.

That should comfortably give Democrats at LEAST a tenfold overall increase in budget, debt and deficit spending.

We'll be in the black in no time. smirk
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.