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assorted anti-sovereignty isolationists (mostly white).
It sounds like anti-sovereignty isolationists is a contradiction of words. You know, like army intelligence. LOL It is you that want the NA isolated, segregated and above the law. And do you hate the NA's that agree with us too?

I don't "hate" anyone. I do however find most detestable, the behavior of you and your organization.

Most people recognize your use of pseudo-science, cherry picking of facts and clear intent to eliminate Native American sovereignty while demanding your own exclusive sovereignty as you just implied above.

Every time you attempt to re-wright history or manipulate the facts by laying the mantle of racism around the necks of those who strive to expose the TRUE RACIST EFFORTS of you, UCE, CERA & CERF, you can be sure to be met point-for-point with the actual facts over your legal maneuverings, preposterous lies and historical distortions.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.