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Sure Timbo. No proof to your claim of Hitler promoting equality under the law so your only rebuttal is an attack on a source without proving them wrong. Regardless, enforcing the same laws differently based on race is racist. That's what you promote while claiming those promoting equality under the law regardless of race are racist. If it looks like a duck . . . .

Nonsense. I claim no such thing.

I'm claiming that you and UCE, CERA/CERF, et al, use the idiom of "equality under the law" as a subterfuge in order to promote your true motives, of de-empowerment of Native Americans as a way to serve the interests of racists, corporatists, commercial developers and other various parties who stand to benefit the most by denying the sovereign rights of those who's land was previously taken from them by theft, manipulation, murder, war, genocide and most currently, legal chicanery.

Hitler repeatedly accused Jews of manipulating the system to lord control over the world's wealth and policies, thereby denying the "rightful Arian masters", their ascendancy over the rest of the world.

Please, feel free to continuing to deny the well-understood and indisputable historical record, so that you may continue to expose your true and nearly transparent racist efforts. If that fails, just point everyone in the direction of the CERF/CERA website and I'm sure that the sugar-coated, cryptic racism contained within will soon become crystal clear to anyone with eyes and a brainstem... and actually, eyes are optional.

The de-empowerment of Native Americans??? And your ASSUMPTION that Native Americans are "EMPOWERED" is based on what? That they were here first? So your ASSUMPTION that they are "empowered" resulting in the same laws being applied differently to different races is not racist? You deny claiming just that and then argue why it should be so. Your denial is facetious and bogus. You're a duck.

Your generalizations of theft, manipulation, murder, war, genocide, and most currently legal chicanery do not apply to tribes in NYS unless you are referring to the tribal wars amongst themselves and the tribes they stole the lands from and committed genocide on. Legal chicanery is an interesting one though being it is the tribes themselves which have promoted such through millions of whitewashed taxpayer dollars into lobbying and campaign funds, likely to include brown paper bags of bribery.

The interests of racists, corporatists, commercial developers and other various parties who stand to benefit the most are those using the system to operate on tribal lands where the laws based on race apply differently.

The only thing crystal clear is that you're in self denial that you are the racist.

It's unfortunate that you did not learn anything from the CERA/CERF website. CERF/CERA does not tolerate racial prejudice of any kind. We don't knowingly associate with anyone who discriminates against people based on race. CERF/CERA supports and defends the constitutional rights of Indians and non-Indians. Our mission is to change federal Indian policies that restrict or threaten the individual rights of Indians and non-Indians living on or near Indian reservations.

Our position is critical of discriminatory federal policies and laws that deny Indian reservation residents their Constitutional rights. It is our intent to raise awareness and debate over these federal policies, regulations and the poorly understood body of "Indian Law". Our criticism of these federal policies and laws should not be construed as prejudice against Indian people or culture.

Most telling is how you don't defend a single point levied against you argument. Instead, you simply turn the argument on it's head, hoping that no one will notice your reflexive dodge and reversal of charges. Predictably adolescent, holly transparent and of course totally ineffective.

Your position is nothing but a carefully parsed argument using the words of equality to (in fact) bring about the exact opposite. As increasingly more and more light is shone upon the likes of UCE, CERA/CERF and other racially discriminatory organizations and movements, we can watch fondly as you and your ilk are relegated to historical irrelevancy, that is, until the next new racist permutation inevitably burps to the surface of the primordial pool of ignorance that you wallow in.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.