Hi BZ,
Now is the time for all American Citizens to come to the aid of our country.
Stand for Freedom - Make a Phone Call for Freedom.

**********September 1, 2013 Where is Veronica???**********

As American Citizens we all share the responsibility to demand our President and Congress Abolish the 1978 Indian Child Welfare Act to return Baby Veronica to her Legal Adoptive Parents, Matt & Melanie Capobianco. Veronica Capobianco is 100% American Citizen.

TODAY, it is time ALL American Citizens stood their ground to demand equal treatment, regardless of ethnic heritage. Today, call Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin's comment line at 405-521-2342 and insist Veronica's return to her Legal Parents, Matt & Melanie Capobianco.

Oklahoma must comply & enforce the South Carolina Order.

Today, make a Phone Call for Freedom.

"Separate-But-Equal" Is Not Equality: Let's End It

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