Yes, I agree teedoff27, we watched Ted on Pay Per View and my teenage daughters, 17 and 18 were there when we watched it. Actually, my 17 year old wanted to see it so bad, so we gave in and paid the Direct TV PPV price. I'll admit that I did laugh a couple of times, but overall the movie was so stupid and actually I was a bit embarrassed to be in the same room as my daughters while watching it, it was quite crude and just inappropriate. When will movie producers get it??? You don't need all the crude/rude and inappropriate movie scenes, most people I've talked to about that movie felt the same way as I did.

However, Twilight is a series that my 17 year old daughter was obsessed with for awhile, she read all of the books, which of course, she said the books were so much better than the movies, aren't they always? I will admit that the first couple of movies were pretty good I thought. I'm sure your daughter loved going with you to see the movie, so when you think of it that way, did you really waste your money and time?

We just recently rented "The Call" with Halle Barry. This movie by far was EXCELLENT! Very scary and full of suspenseful thrill. I recommend this movie to many, it is pretty graphic and a bit bothersome, but is also something that could happen in real life and most likely has happened.

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I watched "Ted" on HBO. I am sooooo glad I didn't waste the money at the theater or red box to watch it. It nudged out Twilight in my top 3 DUMBEST movies of all time! I didn't even chuckle let alone laugh

#1 Eyes Wide Shut

#2 Hannibal

#3 TED

#4 Twilight (took my daughter opening day as a of the BIGGEST mistakes of my LIFE!) I cried at the end...not because it was sad, but because I WASTED $40+ and 2 hours of my life I will NEVER get back!
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