Hi BZ, Hot Topics in Oklahoma as the Indians Only chant increases

My Response to July 29th Oklahoma City Ch 5 Editorial Brent Hensley

Oklahoma should commit $40 million, matched by $40 million in private funds to the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum which currently sits empty.
Read more: http://www.koco.com/news/oklahomanews/ed...l#ixzz2apnaKcrx

Is Mr Hensley related to Jacque Secondine Hensley (Kaw)
Native American Liason Oklahoma Governor's Office - Fallin appoints Native liaison DOD agent Jacque Secondine Hensley named to position in governor’s office. News Clifton Adcock - Almost two years after the elimination of the Oklahoma Indian Affairs Commission, Gov. Mary Fallin announced July 10 that she was appointing a Native American liaison to her office. http://www.theamericanindiancenter.org/nacea-board-of-directors

What happened to the First $80 million???

Why doesn't the National Congress of American Indians send some of the Billions they extort from the Federal govt.?

Obama signs all of their list of Segregationist DEMANDS into Law because the Dept of Interior is part of the Presidents Executive Branch then he TELLS - Tax Payers & U.S.A. Congress to pay for it. The "Sovereign" tribal council WILL NOT pay taxes and now they want to Tax Non-indians that live within their "Historical Jurisdictions". Watch the Indians Only commercials on TV. Lisa Billy wants Taxing Jurisdiction from Oklahoma to the East Coast.?