Hi BZ,

This is what I tell my Mom every time I take her to the new & substantially improved Segregated Choctaw clinic/hospital for all of her medical needs, as she says
"Isn't it nice that I get all of these services for FREE."

I respond with "It's not FREE, my taxes pay for you & every FREELOADING INDIANS ONLY segregated healthcare, housing & food rations 'cuz this is a Prison. The tribal council has learned to use the "Poor Indians are Victims" status to extort better care that takes vital resources away from the Military troops & Vets. To receive this level of health care you should have or should have to take a bullet defending the United States of America, start running old woman!" \:D \:D \:D then she says to me "Don't talk to your mother like that!"

I have been telling her this is TRUE for years, LeeAnnRagains