[quote=Timbo] How about the fact that virtual every plains indian tribe/nation was removed from the interior.

Removal is not genocide and the word is virtually.

White man killed by the tens of thousands, native americans by rifle,

Yes they did and so did other native Americans.

by small pox contaminated blankets and clothing,

The NA's suffrage of Smallpox was largely due to their bringing home Smallpox contaminated spoils of war after raiding and murdering settlers.

by death marches and by starvation.

By which I presume you refer to the Trail of Tears and the U.S. removal policy.

In 1835 the Treaty of New Echota was signed by a minority Cherokee political group and not approved by the Cherokee National Council. Imagine that, the tribe had infighting and did not agree on who their government was. I think I've heard that 100 times now. But they sold their land to the U.S. for $5.67 million.

Yet it was three years later and many good traveling seasons before the feds got fed up and started to evict them in May of 1838. Georgia gave the Cherokee the choice of being full U.S. citizens and living under our laws or leaving because they had largely already accepted and used the various cultural and political features of the Anglo Europeans.

Continuous infighting amongst the tribe delayed their departure from May to November which is one reason they faced unfavorable travel conditions. Many of the smarter ones left and traveled in good weather. The manner in which the reminder were evicted paints a deplorable picture and at least 4,000 died a horrible death. Even with stipulations, I do not condone what happened.

But that was almost two hundred years ago and, as I referenced, when slavery was still legal, women had no rights and removal is not genocide.

It was twenty years later before The Married Woman's Property Bill passes in the U.S. Congress allowing women to sue, be sued, make contracts, inherit and bequeath property.

It was thirty years later before the 15th Amendment was passed allowing black men to vote.

As SCOTUS itself has ruled and applied Laches, Res Judicata follows and crying in your beer over what happened two hundred years ago by and to the NA is nothing more nor less than history regardless of how you wish it were rewritten.

You also use the same definition of genocide that I understand it as.

Though my hard livin' days are well behind me, it's a safe bet that whatever position I might take up while inebriated, would likely be more coherent than any sober arguments, you currently have.

I am glad you finally admit to it. That explains a lot.