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I've got news for you pal, it happened a LOT more recently than 400 years ago.
Oh, do you mean as recently as 1924 under the Indian Citizenship Act? Or are your hallucinogenic dreams stuck in the era when slavery was legal and women were property and neither could vote?

You sure do feel sorry for yourself for what happened 400 years ago. Let me guess, you have been out drinking with Hocks.

What difference does it make, WHEN it happened?

You made a general statement without proving anything. I proved the only time it happened here was between members of the same race. You called that a qualifier without saying when or where it may have happened. I referred to an era when it may have happened. You replied it happened much later without saying when or where without proving anything. I countered with an era much later with historical facts that did not fit your agenda.

Then you ask what difference does it make; again claim it happened without saying when or where and reply that I was proven wrong, again, without proving anything and start name calling proving that you had lost the argument because you had no facts to back anything up.

I have been involved and listened to similar garbage long enough to know that those opposed to equality under the law refer to any laws which counter racist privilege tribalism as genocide, even though that is not the definition of genocide.

Back and forth with others you claim you are getting smarter (or drunker) and are getting hours of entertainment (proving nothing to anyone).

The only thing you have proven is that the dummying down of America is working, that with so much time on your hands you likely do not work and likely your drinking buddy is Hocks N Rice.

At least Hocks TRYS to prove his statements, whereas you have succumbed to incoherent ramble. That is what you get for drinking at home as opposed to where a bartender could cut you off.