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We supported them, right after we slaughtered them by genocide.
You really should cut back on those hallucinogenic drugs.

Genocide never happened in New York State except BY the Iroquois against other tribes.

Oh, are we suddenly adding qualifiers? Regardless, thousands of Iroquois were still killed by the white man, in and around NY.
And just what was the head count in the Seven Years War, French and Indian War, Cherry Valley Massacre, Wyoming Valley Massacre, Sullivan Clinton Campaign, Revolutuionary War and War of 1812 in which what Iroquois were killed by who remembering that some were on each side of each war and the British, French and Americans each had Iroquois allies?

Please proceed with details as opposed to White Buffalo generalizations whilst I take notes. This should be good considering your hogwash of genocide was BS.

What, have you suddenly been possessed by the ghost of blue zone? In what way does that have anything at all, to do with my statement that white man carried out genocide on the native American people ? ? ?

I suppose you also believe that the holocaust never happened either, right?
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.