It sounded as though he might want to fix the fence and secure it in the ground the correct way with posts being set in cement. I'm not sure where you're located, but I would contact the Code Enforcement Officer and they might be able to help you out. Also, they might be able to give you the information for what bank holds the property and you can call them. I've read many things where if a foreclosure is becoming an eyesore to neighboring properties, calls to the bank will help and they will a lot of times send someone out to fix and maintain the property. Especially if many neighbors are calling them and complaining. I did also read that if it's on the property boundaries then both parties can be responsible, but usually something is signed and agreed upon with both owners. Again, I would call the Code Enforcement Office and start there. If you can't get the name of the bank and phone number from them, try calling a local Realtor, they should have all information on file for properties in the area, including foreclosed homes.

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Does anyone know if I have the right to just fix the fence myself?

in what way did you want to fix it?
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