I watched the race and the last lap she went from 3rd position to 8th position. That is quite a jump in a last lap as far as dropping positions. Whatever it was, she did not maintain her 3rd place spot and many reports I read and heard afterwards was that she was overwhelmed and frankly was overcome quickly and was "freight-trained" as she calls it.

Also, maybe intimidated wasn't the best word to use. But, she also gave Dale Jr. a lot of credit for jumping up to second and she never once blamed him, instead admired his skill. Instead of staying on the outside, she had even admitted that she should have went low and tried to pass, but didn't.

Patrick was clearly disappointed with her finish. When the race was on the line, she was schooled by Earnhardt, who made his last move and blocked any chance she had.

"Dale did a nice job and showed what happens when you plan it out, you drop back and get that momentum. You are able to go to the front," Patrick said. "I think he taught me something. I'm sure I'll watch the race and there will be other scenarios I see that can teach me, too."

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