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You mean helped as in exterminated, massacred, raped, beaten, murdered mutilated, reeducated, amputated, scalped, interred, infected, branded, whipped, relocated, lied to and plundered? Did I forget anything? No doubt I did!

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I neither agree nor disagree with what I can neither confirm nor deny.

did you witness those actions in person?

if not then you can not confirm them

You sir, are an !d!ot!

By creatively linking my unrelated replies, you're revealing yourself to be a manipulator of facts and a bold-faced Liar.

Grow up.

unable to confront your own contradictions?
consider you 'donated' a few thousand dollars of your time reveals that you do not feel those actions that you posted 'You mean helped as in...' did occur

nice spin on your part

No, no, no. You don't get off THAT easy.

Please explain to to me, EXACTLY what you think I contradicted. Either you misread what I said, or you're denying events that indeed DID happen. Step up to the plate son.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.