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there is a problem with your interpretation, where it says" hold to themselves" means they keep that part and the state gets gets the rest.

DON'T TRY TO TELL ME WHAT IT MEANS----- keep posting this stuff because it will only destroy you in the end because you think people are stupid, but the majority are a whole lot smarter than you think !

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Cayuga Nation of New York v Cuomo U.S.Supreme Court
Plaintiffs allege that from time immemorial until the late eighteenth century the Cayuga Nation owned and occupied approximately three million acres of land in what is now New York State, a swath of land approximately fifty miles wide that runs from Lake Ontario to the Pennsylvania border.   This action involves 64,015 acres of that land, encompassing the Cayuga's “Original Reservation,” as set forth in a treaty with the State of New York, concluded on February 25, 1789 (“1789 Treaty”).   In the 1789 Treaty, the Cayugas ceded all of their lands to New York, except the lands designated as the “Original Reservation,” which consists of lands on the eastern and western shores of the northern end of Cayuga Lake.