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there is a problem with your interpretation, where it says" hold to themselves" means they keep that part and the state gets gets the rest.

DON'T TRY TO TELL ME WHAT IT MEANS----- keep posting this stuff because it will only destroy you in the end because you think people are stupid, but the majority are a whole lot smarter than you think !

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Bhwahahaha As in Carcieri where NOW means NOW, in Cayuga ALL means ALL which is made clear in the first clause. And where it says in the second clause "hold to themselves" is preceded by OF THE CEDED LANDS, (meaning the State held title to them). Likewise in the Treaty of Fort Schyler which is why SCOTUS ruled the lands taxable in Sherrill.

You better take an English class. Your argument is less solid than Bill Clinton's was when he said it depends on what your interpretation of the word is is.

We could throw old land claim arguments back and forth for another twenty years but you already LOST that claim. Do you know what the word LOST means?

Oh, you did change your question asking me to tell you what it meant to telling me not to tell you.

Granted, a trust application is based on different arguments than the land claim was, but the trust lawsuit by CERA has Constitutional arguments that were not dismissed and we can agree or not.

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