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and hardly any of the traditional Iroquois governments or clan mothers, except maybe the Onondaga, are even recognized as a government by the U.S.
some body had better read this


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Keel wrote, “I conclude that the source of the changes (in federal representatives and council members) was the action of each clan mother in carrying out her traditional clan responsibilities. I would be remiss if I failed to recognize the results of this exercise of ancient traditional authority by the Clan Mothers … By Haudenosaunee tradition, the Clan Mothers are the persons tasked with the responsibility of appointing representatives of their respective clans to serve on the Nation Council. Therefore, for purposes of the government-to-government relationship between the United States and the Cayuga Nation, I recognize the Nation Council as set out in Cayuga Nation Resolution 11-001.”

Read more:http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2011/08/24/bureau-of-indian-affairs-confirms-cayuga-traditional-council-48939 http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.co...9#ixzz22WiOy7ls

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You UCE(less)guys are a joke, your minds are so twisted you see cross eyed
And you better read the date and the appeal Halftown filed the following month. Why do you think he moved the Cayuga offices to Geneva and Auburn and why do you think the traditional Cayuga drove a truck through the side of the Lakeside a few months ago?

Evidently you don't even live here as you don't know squat.

It would be nice if the Traditional governments were in charge, but alas, you are wrong again because it has not happened.