It is obvious you cannot become educated because Chief Halfwit himself testified in court that all six tribes of the Confederacy had to agree to any land transaction or act of War and the Mohawk were not even present for the Canandaigua treaty. You may well be a meth runner for 50 alleged chiefs but they do not represent all six tribes of what used to be the Confederacy. They are more so factionalized today than they were 200 years ago when the Mohawk and Oneida were fighting each other in the American Revolution. Today there are at least three Mohawk governments, at least three Cayuga factions all claiming to be the government, a so called Men's Council and CEO running the Oneida and hardly any of the traditional Iroquois governments or clan mothers, except maybe the Onondaga, are even recognized as a government by the U.S.

The U.S. recognizes the Canandaigua Treaty because it wants to in their attempt at a land grab trough land claims and trust applications but they were arguing just as strongly against the tribes in the ICC hearings. There may well be six traditional governments that could be calling themselves the Confederacy, but they themselves have no powers to act as a government because the U.S. does not recognize many traditional governments as being the government in power which is why the Confederacy that the signed the Treaty of Canandaigua no longer exists.

Regardless, I posted the Treaty that you alleged made these federal reservations. Could you copy and paste the clause that applies to back up your lies?