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All those options whether it be native or out of state results in LOST tax $$'s and revenue for NYS!

since when did lost tax dollars/revenue for NYS be your main concern?

turning stone is illegal (see ruling) and the state should just take it over

My point was.... If Prince Andrew and his Goons were really interested in taking business away from the Natives like they claim ....then they would legalize State Run Poker state-wide to take away from Seneca, Turning Stone, Penn., CT, New Hampshire's draw of Legal Poker. He would also allow the Racinos that are already built and paid for to provide *Vegas Style* gaming.

However by Prince Andrew NOT allowing the Racino's to expand and ignoring and not legalizing State Run Poker.... he is still giving the Native Casinos the upper-hand

As far as your ruling, it has NEVER been enforced so it is USELESS!
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