All Prince Andrew is doing is shooting himself in the foot. There are already state run Racinos all over NY... Start up money has already been spent ....why not upgrade the existing Racinos to Vegas Style. You have Vernon Downs Racino which is mere miles from Turning Stone that can attract some of their business , Fingerlakes Racino that can attract some of the Turning Stone business from the Fingerlakes area, and Batavia Downs Racino that could attract some of the Western NY players looking for vegas style games away from Alleghany and Seneca Casinos.

Instead Prince Andrew wants to spend more money to build "other casinos" that will only attract vegas style players away from the already fragile NYS run Racinos and possibly closing them. Wasting all the money spent on them.

I have said this before.... POKER is HUGE and has been proven to be a game of SKILL not CHANCE....Why not be like other states(i.e. California,Florida) and have state run poker rooms all over NYS? Start up and operating costs would be minimal and could prove to be a real cash-cow. Not to mention drawing players away from Turning Stone, Seneca-Niagara, Alleghany, and Mohegan Sun in Vermont Foxwoods in Conneticut. If drawing business away from the Natives is truly their motive \:\/

Currently North Country Players go to Turning Stone or Mohegan Sun to play Poker. Down State poker players go to Foxwoods or Atlantic City. Central NY and Fingerlakes Region go to turning Stone, Southern Tier goes to the new casino in Bethel, PA. and Western NY goes to Alleghany or Seneca-Niagara to play Poker. All those options whether it be native or out of state results in LOST tax $$'s and revenue for NYS!
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