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I'm a MEMBER of a sovereign nation

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The prospects of privately-owned militias defending interest in a free-market 'Utopia' here is a nightmare.

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The Perfect Free Market: Somalia

By Bob Cavnar
July 3, 2010

I've often wondered if there is an example of unrestrained free markets in the world that we could look to for an idea of exactly what it would look like. Certainly, the early days of our nation give an inkling, but we have always had a relatively strong central government, and an historic culture of common purpose. But that is not what free market libertarians advocate; they advocate every one for themselves; profit built into every activity including healthcare, utilities, mail delivery, even defense. So. Where can we seek an example of unrestrained free markets and their effects?

I found the answer Thursday while driving from Boston to Vermont for the 4th of July holiday. We were listening to an interview on Fresh Air, a great NPR program, with guest Jeffrey Gettleman, bureau chief for the New York Times in East Africa. Gettleman was talking about how African nations have fallen into anarchy, where governments have completely collapsed. His prime example was Somalia, where there hasn't been a central government for over 20 years. A quagmire of warlords, religious fanatics, and criminals, he described Somalia as "the most dangerous place in the world" with no central government, no services, no electricity, no law enforcement, no green zone for safety. He described the country as a culture based on individual trust bought with money. Personal relationships are key, and power is kept through violence and wealth.

Gettleman says that when you arrive at the airport in Mogadishu, you fill out a form with your name, address, and caliber of weapon you carry. For electricity, neighbors must band together to buy a generator, wire it to their homes, fuel it, and then defend it from being stolen. Businessmen sell their own stamps for private mail delivery. There is no central government, no law enforcement, no public utilities. The streets are ruled by gangs, and territory is protected with bullets. Everyone freely exercises their right to bear arms. Every day, all day. It is the perfect free market, a Libertarian's or Tea Partier's Utopia. And, it is hopeless.

somalia and the reservation system in the USA are the same
odd that you would support the reservation system in the USA but not somalia

where is your utopia?

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