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By DAN GUZEWICH Sentinel staff writer

The Oneida Indian Nation issued a warning in response to the state Legislature's approval of a plan to change the state Constitution to allow Las Vegas-style casinos outside of Indian territory.

"As this process moves forward to potential passage by consecutive state legislatures and a statewide referendum, New Yorkers should hold their elected officials accountable by insuring that they do not allow commercial gaming that serves only to drain community resources and cannibalize the success that local economies have achieved under the existing framework," said the Oneidas. "To that end, the Oneida Nation will remain engaged in this process to ensure that the interests of our community and the families of our 4,500 employees are protected."

The Oneida and Seneca are scared to death that they will have competition even though it will not be on a level playing field.

Yes, heaven forbid that tribal casinos siphoning money off to offshore bank accounts have to compete.