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Posted at: 02/23/2012

Federal agents from the ATF, DEA, Customs and Bureau of Indian Affairs raided four smoke shops in the Tonawanda Indian Reservation looking for synthetic marijuana.

The agents were also looking for synthetic cocaine - sold as "bath salts" - and counterfeit clothing and untaxed cigarettes.

Agents served warrants at: Smoke Rings, Arrowhawk and Sacajewa Smoke Shops. We're also told they raided a smoke shop called "The Rez."

According to the release from the investigating agencies, "officials are investigating alleged distribution of synthetic THC sold under the names "Spice," "K2" and "bath salts.""

Investigators say no one was arrested today.

Today's raids come on the heels of News10NBC's I-Team investigation into the sale of synthetic marijuana under brand names like K2.

Our hidden camera investigation showed how corner stores and smoke shops in and around Rochester sell the product as potpourri but, in many cases, the stores know people are buying it to smoke and get a marijuana-like high.

As a reasult of our investigation, Sen. Chuck Schumer said he is putting his political weight behind a federal bill that would outlaw the sale of synthetic marijuana.

A similar bill in New York passed the state senate last year but was blocked from getting a vote in the state assembly. The same bill is about to face a second vote in the senate.

Tonight on News10NBC, you'll see the reservation smoke shops raided today. You'll hear from U.S. Attorney William Hochul on why they did it and from Sen. Schumer who is in Albany today trying to get support for the federal anti-synthetic marijuana bill.