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there are no jobs on the reservation
they fought as US citizens
(thanks for proving my point)

where are the tribes military?

Are you that clueless. So you mean to tell me Turning Stone, Alleghany, and Seneca Niagara casinos operate without employees. So here in Syracuse the Onongaga Nation School, The Smoke Shop, The cig plant, Onondaga Nation Medical Center and the multi-million dollar Lacrosse/Hockey complex operate without employees? So the 100's of smoke shops/gas stations in Erie and Niagara County operate with out employees?? How does skydancer and Lakeside operate with noone to unload trucks, no one to stock, and no one to ring out customers????

If what you say is true (which it never is) How can Turning Stone big one of the biggest EMPLOYERS in Oneida County if there are no jobs??
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