I want to go see Dolphin Tale with my wife and daughter. I absolutely LOVE dolphins! However I think we will go to the 2D showing of it. I am not sure how much difference 3D would make and it can get aggravating after a while. Jackass 3D on the other hand...I HAD to see it in 3D! It was AWESOME!

Dolphin Tale with have to wait though. For my Birthday I got tickets to see the simulcast of the 25th Anniversary of the Phantom of the Opera Live in London 10/2/11 2 p.m. which is being fed to movie theaters here in the US. CAN'T WAIT!!! \:\) This will be my 4th time seeing the Phantom.... Toronto, Rochester, Syracuse, and now "London". I still would love to go to NYC for the weekend and see it there!
Spiritual people inspire me.
Religious people FRIGHTEN me!