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If that installation makes sense, why do the rulers have to force people to subsidize it at over 3 times the market price per kw? That implies that to make it pay its own way, they'd have to charge 4 times the market price. If they did that, it wouldn't be built, because no one (except someone spending someone else's money) would be crazy enough to pay that much for power. Why not just use a cheaper source of power, so they don't have to seize the difference from citizens?

It will receive a feed-in tariff of 0.25 euros/kWh, plus a market price of approximately 0.08 euros/kWh.

I just don't get this enviro-socialism, unless the goal is to redistribute people's money to a powerful, well connected group of investors running an enviro-hustle, while at the same time making those actually being fleeced feel greenly virtuous, and that they are "making a difference". Nah...couldn't be...people aren't that greedy, or that stupid...

I found the going rate for electricty in that area in 2009 is 37.24 usa cents per kw so its not over priced maybe under priced. sorry could not find a 2011 price , 2009 was the best I could do .
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