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Gov. Paterson threatens to nix Seneca Indians casino deal
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Thursday, October 7th 2010, 4:00 AM

B. Smith for NewsGov. David Paterson is threatening to spike the deal that allows the Seneca Indians to operate three casinos - because the tribe is withholding payments to the state.

In a letter to Seneca President Barry Snyder, Paterson's top lawyer, Peter Kiernan, said the Senecas owe $105.5 million from 2009 and $109 million for 2010.

The letter requests a meeting within 14 days to negotiate a solution.

"Otherwise," the letter said, "... the state will commence arbitration and seek a finding of material breach."

the tribe has illegally sold far more in illegal cigs then has been lost from their competing gaming operations

NYS should seek all the money from the illegal cig sales