WAMPSVILLE -- Madison County Attorney John Campanie briefed the Board of Supervisor's Native American Affairs Committee Tuesday on the latest court activity in cases against the Oneida Indian Nation.

Among the multiple cases the county has filed against the Nation, it is also keeping tabs on litigation over the state’s implementation on cigarette tax. Campanie reported that the Nation will be seen in court Friday in the injunction case. According to Campanie the state has requested that the Oneida’s and similar tribal lawsuits be consolidated.

In the county’s land claim case against the Nation, the county is waiting for a response from the federal government. After the second circuit court ruled in favor of the county, the Nation and federal government were given the opportunity to appeal the case. Both have requested a time extension that will last until Oct. 22. Campanie said they can seek to have the second circuit court of appeals hear the case again or make an application to the Supreme Court to hear the case.

In the county’s foreclosure case, Campanie said a decision on its Supreme Court petition could be made as soon as Oct. 8. Campanie said previous foreclosure cases, like Sherrill and Cayuga have established the second circuit court as a “well respected panel.”

“The work that we have been doing for a decade now has resulted in the dismissal of all the land claims pending,” he said.