The solution is Positive & Simple; End the Trust Responsibility THEN we will no longer be Segregated. We are American Citizens that are being segregated by the 1830 Indian Removal Act of War that was declared by Congress. Every treaty, legislative act & supreme court ruling; CONTINUES the original terms of the 1830 imprisonment by renegotiating this hostage situation with the 564 Tribal Counsels that use - us & our children living on the Rez or Not.
1959 IRS Ruling Trust for NONCOMPETENT INDIANS conversation with Lee Ann Ragains

The 1887 Dawes & 1906 Burke Acts limited the Trust Responsibility to END 25 yrs after the Reservation Lands were allotted. Which means the Burke Act should've ENDED in 1931. Except, the 1924 Citizenship Act should have ENDED the Illegal Trust and the Illegal War Power of the Secretary as our Trustee.

President Obama must issue the Executive Order for an Emancipation Proclamation to END the Trust Responsibility by releasing the Land & Money that is illegally being held by the Secretary of the DOI because;

The 1830 Indian Removal Act of War is over.

1924 American Indians are Competent Equal Citizens of the United States

1954 Segregation is unconstitutional

IF President Obama does NOT Emancipate the 564 Federally Recognized Tribes and their members from the Secretary of the DOI & BIA Trust Responsibility then President Obama endorses;

Civil Rights Violations against American Indians

Ethnic Profiling for Illegal Segregations of the 564 Federally Recognized Tribes, their members & potential members

FTC Anti-trust Violations


Tax Evasion that continues WITHOUT a competency hearing as Land is held in Trust for Incompetent Indians

Every Federally Recognized Tribe has Land that is being held in the Trust as a Tribe and for Individuals that were allotted lands = They Do Not have to pay Taxes or comply with State Laws because they are Not Competent. (see 1959 IRS Ruling for Incompetent Indians)

A Competency Hearing - has never been held - to justify the Illegal Trust Responsibility to hold the lands in a Trust nor to appoint the Secretary of the DOI as our Trustee.

Therefore, the 564 Federally recognized tribes and their members are Incompetent and their children will never be Competent. That is why the DOI/BIA says "These Incompetent Dependent Federally Recognized Indians aren't smart enough to enter into a business contract on their own so the DOI Secretary, BIA, Senate Committee on Indian Affairs will have to approve all transactions between Incompetent Tribes & Dependent Individual Indians to do any business with rest of America."

Unless they have a State Compact, Oklahoma Tribes are only required to pay 50% of the taxes on their Total Profits because the rest of the 50% of the taxable income is held in the Trust for those Incompetent Dependent Indians - that do not have to pay taxes - because of the Illegal declaration of Incompetence. see the video of the NewsOK interview: "It’s still growing,” state Treasurer Scott Meacham said. "We don’t know where it’s going to top out at.”

Read more:

"Oklahoma’s 29 gaming tribes contributed nearly $106 million to the state in fiscal year 2009, according to the Office of State Finance. That figure was about $81 million the previous year."

The Secretary of the Interior has been Illegally appointed to be the Special Trustee with the Illegal responsibility to hold land & money in a Trust for Illegally declared Incompetent Indians.

Emancipation of the Tribes & their members & potential members would mean, that in a Gambling State, COMPETENT American Citizens must comply with all City, County, State & Federal Laws.

Thank you for helping us to be equal,