A year or better ago a poster was talking about a rescue she had made of a Chihuahua named Chico. I wasn't on here looking for a dog but when I read about him great things happened. I had a customer who in that last year had lost a loved dog, his wife and then another loved dog, leaving him alone. I automatically thought of him and guess what, they're the perfect match and so happy with each other. I would have never been able to do that if some of these threads weren't here.

I also have been eyeing the one about the lab. Again, I have a customer whos loved golden has cancer and won't be around much longer. I was thinking what a great thing it would be to get them together but I'm afraid with the way its all happeneing they're not ready. I know they would be perfect for each other.

So maybe we could leave the ones that have to do with rescues and the ones where people may be actually advertising for profit could be deleted.

Just a thought.
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