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Hello Pet Forum users!

We are going to begin deleting all classified type pet posting on this forum and direct you to make these posts at our free classified section instead (http://classifieds.fingerlakes1.com).

We appreciate that you are trying to find good homes for these animals in need, however, we have created a venue for these types of requests at our classified section. If we allow classified type ads on this forum it could create a bigger problem for us throughout these forums where the no classified listing rule is strictly enforced.

I should note that your forum login will not work at any other part of our website, including the classifieds. To post a classified you will need an FL1 Membership Account which can be registered for free here:


Thanks for your cooperation!

Jim with all due respect I feel an exception should be made for pets. I understand, and appreciate the difficulty in allowing one type of "classified" to be allowed on the forums and not another. The ambiguity will I'm certain create some confusion, and anger some posters.
But I have also seen threads started in the last month or two for BBQ's, carwashes and other fundraisers that have been allowed to stay. The ambiguity is to me already in place. Without absolute diligence by yourself and the Mod Squad to remove EVERY one of them these threads will "slip through the cracks" occasionally, thus exacerbating the very problem you're trying to solve.

Without having access to real numbers I would venture a guess that a great many forum posters do not also have a FL1 account for posting on the classifieds, nor do they read them. I myself do view them, but it's frustrating as ads stay on there forever. Case in point there is still an ad on there for the carp derby which was June 14th.

The people who care enough to foster pets need help immediately in finding forever homes for these animals, and frankly the classifieds won't get it done in a timely manner.

Just MY 2 pennies. \:\)