Did you notice that your article is from 2005 and My article is from YESTERDAY 9/29/09

Judge rules for Oneida Indian Nation in trust case
By Glenn Coin / The Post-Standard
September 29, 2009, 2:09PM

A federal judge has ruled in favor of the Oneida Indian Nation in three related lawsuits over the nationís request for trust land.

Judge Lawrence Kahn tossed out several key arguments made by the state, Madison and Oneida counties, the towns of Vernon and Verona, and the city of Oneida in challenging the trust land. In the decisions, Kahn ruled that:

-- The federal government has the authority to take land into trust in New York.

-- The ancient Oneida reservation still exists, and therefore Turning Stone casino is operating legally under federal law

-- The transfer of 18 acres of land in Verona from the Air Force to the Department of Interior as trust land for the Oneidas was legal.

Bluezones atricle from 2005 said:

"the court ruled that the New York Oneidas cannot disrupt two centuries of local development by refusing to pay local taxes on a gas station and T-shirt factory it owns in Sherrill in Oneida County."

I have never heard of the town of Sherrill and have never been there and could car less about the non-tax free t-shirts and gas!! I will just go to Turning Stone which has all the tax free cigarettes, tax free gas, and tax free t-shirts I could ever ask for LOLOLOLOL
No Mullet...NO Glory!!