It amazes me how this man is able to play both a sympathy card and a race card trying to get his way. The other night he threw out the statement, it is only "morally right" that they should be given trust status. Hey Halftown, it is only morally right that you abide by the decisions of the Cayuga Nation of Canada who sold the land use rights and left the area. That was affirmed by the Tribunal of Paris in the 1920's Do what is right and drop all soveriegnty claims and along with it your bogus law suits.

Here in this interview he said the following:
Q. Do you ever see the day when the Cayugas will work cooperatively with the Seneca-
A. No, because the (Cayuga Nation) government stayed here. The government never went to
Oklahoma, and they went as individuals. Then whatever happened, they got recognized (by the
federal government) and then they came back as a recognized (tribe). To us, you’re not a
Seneca-Cayuga. You’re either a Cayuga or a Seneca. You’re not both."

How can that be? The Cayuga Nation Government did not stay here, they went to Canada following the Revolutionary War and have stayed there. The group he represents may be related but it seems to me the mantle of power, soveriegnty as some call it, would stay with the Nation, not with a dissident group claiming accendency to the seat of power because they stayed in New York as individuals. The BIA should never have recognized this group and should not be doing so now. and they should be treated just as he treats the claim of the Seneca Cayuga who went to Oklahoma. The same principles apply to the Cayuga of NY. I believe they were not even recognized by the Federal Government until the mid 1960's. His group falls within his own definition of the Seneca Cayuga, the Cayuga Nation went to Canada, the seat of power did not stay here although he claims it did.

I feel it was unfortunate the Supreme court did not allow our attoneys to explore the claim of this dissident group to be the Cayuga Nation for I do not see SCOTUS agreeing with the BIA they are a "nation".

Schumer at least got that right, as quoted in the paper tonight, "The New York Cayuga Tribe never were soveriegn".

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