From today's Finger Lakes Times:
Letter to the editor:

Attend land trust meeting to voice concerns

To the Editor:

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is allowing us the opportunity to voice our concerns and grievances regarding Indian-owned land becoming trust land. There is nothing we will do on that date that will have a greater impact on our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. Make a special effort to be there or prepare for the consequences.

The place: New York
Chiropractic College
The date: Wednesday, June 17
The time: 6 p.m.

Unless we voice our dissension, we can be assured that the BIA will yield to the Indian’s demands by robbing the many in order to appease the few. Nothing beneficial can come from it. The land can be used for any purpose they choose — junk yards, garbage dumps, trash heaps. Then there are the casinos and brothels, the other kind of trash heaps. Impacts to our wetlands, disposal of hazardous materials and loss of tax revenue are other concerns. Once it becomes trust land it will be the Indians’ domain and will be exempt from local, county and state laws and regulations, including zoning. What equality?
There is no guarantee that our voices will sway the outcome, but if we remain silent and stoic, I believe it’s a “done deal.”