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#1516191 --- 06/29/18 12:01 PM Who's in Charge here???
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I was first appalled by the story that Mr. Meany came out with about the details of the City manager search with the release of one person's name and the release of the fact that the other two male candidates had strikes against them already. Then to read today's paper made things more clear. It seems like Geneva Believer and other groups are trying to convince City Council to choose their candidate of choice. I have faith that Council will make the right decision and choose the most qualified person to be the City manager. Not necessarily a person who has people campaigning for them like its an election.

And to whoever leaked the information to Geneva Believer - you should be ashamed!!!!!!!

#1516194 --- 06/29/18 12:49 PM Re: Who's in Charge here??? [Re: justacitizen]
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If the assertions are factual, why should anyone be ashamed for reporting them? I for one don't want public officials serving in office who are guilty of such serious ethical and/or legal violations. The fact that someone has people 'campaigning' for them is completely irrelevant to their qualifications. If you have an issue with lack of transparency, then someone 'leaking' information seems the perfect antidote.
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The direction this selection process or better yet the reaction to it is disturbing.

What I have issue with is that it appears that a single spokesperson/ blogger is now trying to subvert the review process. I'm all for transparency when selecting candidates and the process in general. What appears to be happening now is an attempt to circumvent the selection process. We have a representative democracy. You elect people to make the everyday decisions and handle the business of government.

I guess the rule now is if you don't like the way elected officials make decisions you overrule them with social media campaigns. While being a watchdog is great there is that small step to becoming the non-elected authority. It's a temptation that we all should be aware of and avoid.

There is a big difference between whistle-blowing (alerting the public after going through official channels of a REAL wrong doing or some threat to public safety) and leaking (the passing along of information in the hope to affect the outcome of what in many cases is a legal process).

This isn't campaigning at all. It's hi-jacking of the committee review process thinly veiled as a cry for transparency. The recruitment for this job was very public and the committee list was not secret information. At some point do we hire a City Manager by public direct vote?? Seriously? At what point do you let the folks you elected do what they were elected for?

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Amen Pingu.
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I'll second that, right on Pingu.