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#1497939 --- 04/19/17 09:11 AM Sanctuary City?
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City of Canandaigua discusses option of making Canandaigua a sanctuary city

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - Whether or not to make Canandaigua a sanctuary city was discussed Tuesday night by the City's board.

No decision was made at the meeting, but they did note it's hard to find a solution to the issue.

The mayor and the police chief were both in the meeting, and the chief was adamant there is not a formal policy in place and there isn't a need for one because, according to him, illegal immigration is not a big problem in the city.

"For the City of Canandaigua, dealing with the immigrant population is not an issue, nor has it ever been an issue," said Chief Stephen Hedworth. "I don't foresee it being an issue. We're not taking active measures to seek out illegal immigrants."

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#1497941 --- 04/19/17 10:20 AM Re: Sanctuary City? [Re: newsman38]
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What is the matter with people. Why try to cause problems. Worry about the giant steel skeleton on the beautiful lake. Worry about the drugs and lack of jobs. The city is dead at night. The dinning establishments and bars and stores are like a morgue at night. Illegal Aliens are criminals. They committed a crime. Why try to support them. Drive without insurance or a License, rent your house without a C of O. Start a business without a permit see how the city treats YOU then. Why make concessions for Illegal Aliens when they have an opportunity to come in legally. This has been made a big deal by the Politicians who want votes. TAKE CARE OF OUR CITIZENS!
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All of them?

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If people realized how many wineries & ag processors used illegal aliens and the numbers of illegals working in our area they would be astonished! When the employers say we didn't know they were illegal ask them if they use the E-Verify system! They don't care ! They put their own personal gain ahead of our countries well being!